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The company is the drafting unit of composite machinery industry standards.  

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Quality Declaration


      After ten years of hard work, Jiangsu Hongye Co., Ltd. has established a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets as a brand of composite machines. The company has been identified as the drafting unit of the national composite machinery industry standard by the National Development and Reform Commission, and has been recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. This is not only an affirmation of our labor achievements, but also a pressure for our future work. Taking science and technology as the driving force, surviving on the basis of quality, consciously strengthening quality self-discipline, promoting the healthy development of the industry, and guiding the consumption of the upstream market has become a new history for Hongye people. mission. To this end, we declare here: always adhere to the quality of the enterprise, continue to adhere to the quality-oriented, constantly strengthen the quality management, and strive to improve the quality level.
      1. Strictly clarify work responsibilities and strengthen accountability. Consciously follow the requirements of the work objective system, post responsibility system and accountability system, strictly enforce post quality standards, strengthen quality assessment, and resolutely implement quality veto. Once a quality problem occurs, report it in a timely manner, investigate and deal with it seriously, have the courage to take responsibility, and never shirk.
      2. Strengthen process control and strict quality management. Actively follow management standardization, process programming and technical standardization. Strengthen quality supervision and process control, resolutely implement strict product design specifications, strictly implement process discipline, and strictly control process quality to ensure that each piece is qualified and high-quality products.
      3. Establish the concept of serving consumers and improve the after-sales service mechanism. We must meet the needs of users and consumers, and serve users and consumers wholeheartedly, as the goal pursued by the enterprise. While providing products to the society, it also provides considerate services to users and consumers.
      4. Adhere to continuous innovation and establish the entrepreneurial spirit. Actively comply with the requirements of technology upgrading, products creating the future, and the market being at the forefront, accelerating product structure, process, technology and application innovation to meet the growing market demand.
      Quality responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai, and the road to quality has a long way to go. We will resolutely abide by the quality declaration, insist on winning by quality, and build a new Hong Kong industry. We firmly believe that as long as we have confidence and determination, we will be able to let the quality hold up the hope of the rapid development of the industry, show the whole society a brand-new image of the industry, and make the industry continue to move towards more brilliant glory!
      Say it, do it, do it better!

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