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What are the precautions for dusting compound machine and hot melt glue machine?

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What are the precautions for dusting compound machine and hot melt glue machine?

Precautions when installing the hot melt gluer

1. When installing the hot melt adhesive, please connect the effective ground wire correctly. Equipment that uses high voltage power requires a ground wire. If a ground wire is not used, voltage conductors will form on parts protected by hot-melt insulators, creating a risk of electric shock.

2. According to the load required by the hot melt adhesive and its auxiliary peripheral equipment, check whether the power cord and insulation protection used meet the requirements, and whether the wire load is higher than the rated power of the hot melt adhesive.

3. Make sure the hot melt gluer works under the specified voltage. Using a voltage different from the specified voltage may burn the hot melt.

4. Make sure that the external voltage connected to the melter is the same as the melter itself. For example, single-phase 220v hot melt equipment using 380V power will damage the hot melt equipment. For example, single-phase 220 V hot melt equipment cannot meet the design performance of the equipment, or the hot melt equipment may be damaged when using power below 220 V. When wiring, make sure that the power cord is properly connected to the location of the external circuit breaker.

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